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Why Should You Choose our medical clinic in Melbourne CBD?

Here are a few of the causes why we are the preferred healthcare provider in the area.

  • Professional Physicians
  • Our clinics are staffed by skilled, nationally certified physicians and nurses.
  • Family Practice
  • We visit patients at their homes and in nursing homes.
  • Patient Assistance Available Around the Clock
  • Our clinic offers comprehensive medical care and health services around as your Cheltenham medical centre, we are dedicated to providing excellent patient care and making your health a priority.
  • Our skilled Physicians, nurses, and allied health practitioners attend to your concerns and provide continuity of treatment with a group of experts who achieve the best clinical outcomes.
  • Our medical centre satisfies stringent professional requirements, including GPA Plus Approval, and we constantly push the envelope in general practise norms.

We bring in new patients; please call to schedule an appointment.

What about Yellow Fever Vaccine

Is it necessary for you to have a Yellow fever vaccination Melbourne?

In going to or from a yellow fever concern country, it is strongly advised that all travellers have a yellow fever vaccination. Persons above the age of one will be required to present an international immunisation certificate if they have spent the night or longer in the six days preceding their arrival in Australia.

A country with a high risk of yellow fever. Those who are unable to show a certificate will be allowed to enter Australia.

When you arrive in Australia, biosecurity officers from the Department of Agriculture will emphasise the importance of the illness to you and give you with a Yellow Fever Alert Card. The card instructs you on what to do if you get yellow fever symptoms within six days of leaving a yellow fever risk area.

If you have travelled throughout a yellow fever risk country yet have no valid yellow fever vaccination certification, you may be denied entry into several countries or obliged to be vaccinated upon arrival. We recommend that you confirm the criteria of the countries to which you will be travelling before embarking on your journey.

Who should get vaccinated against yellow fever?

Anyone nine months of age or older who are traveling or living in any West African country, whatever of when they’ll be in that country; and people nine months of age or older who are travelling or staying outside the urban regions of all other yellow fever endemicity.

Exemptions may be granted for medical or other reasons. Discuss any concerns you have about the yellow fever vaccine with your travel doctor.

How can I get vaccinated against yellow fever?

Yellow fever vaccination in Melbourne can only be obtained through an authorised yellow fever vaccination centre. The International Travel Vaccination Center is an accredited Yellow fever Vaccination Clinic and will issue a vaccination certificate in the WHO-approved and needed format. Make an appointment right away.