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Improve Your Photography Business System

Do you press the panic button when there is an email sitting in front of you from a potential client?

imagesYour not alone, It’s a common response, not only from Photographers but from many business owners.
It gets worse, they want you to send them all your prices.  The sitting price, the print prices, the framing prices etc.

And the last thing you want to do is send out your prices to anyone.



So, how do you handle this?

  • Ignore the email as its easier for you to do this?
  • Delete the email as you are not interested in clients who ask about your prices?
  • Answer all their questions in the email and send them your prices and hope they will get back to you?
  • Engage them in email conversation so you can get their phone number?

Of course the answer is D.


This is just the first objective in a total system you can implement so you


  • know how to handle emails that come in
  • how to keep in touch with clients who have used your photography business already
  • and how to keep in touch with potential new clients


I have developed a Complete Email System especially for Photographers.

It’s a method that has been tried and tested and it simply just works!


You can turn those emails into paying clients quickly and easily following the procedures.

Best of all the system comes with templates you can easily set up.

Once you have implemented, you will no longer be scared of those emails popping into your box, in fact you will welcome them with open arms.…

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